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Life After Sundown


Ghost of the Southern Son
CD / Angry Planet Records (2017)

  1. Apparition
  2. Southern Son
  3. Ghost of the Past
  4. Devil’s Comin Round
  5. Cuchillo
  6. I Am the Night
  7. Black On Black
  8. Blood, Bullets, and Whiskey
  9. Revenge of Dirty Sanchez
  10. Stick To Your Guns
  11. Tombstone
  12. Black-Lung Revival
  13. Vanishing Riders

Tentative release date is March 2017. Check back for more details as the release approaches!

The Unforgotten



The Unforgotten: Rare & Un-Released
digital CD / Angry Planet (2012)

THE UNFORGOTTEN brings you 21 rare tracks from across 13 years of Ghoultown history. Several of these were only included on compilations, a few on movie soundtracks, some on vinyl, and some are now out-of-print. Three new live recordings are also included, as well as two demos... one of these going back to 1998.

This album is only available by special digital release. It will not be released on CD or vinyl, so this is the only way to purchase these Ghoultown songs!

links: lyrics | song details

Mistress of the Dark

click cover to see full packaging


iTunes only

Mistress of the Dark
DVD/CD Ultra Single / Angry Planet (2009)

Starring ELVIRA and Ghoultown, directed by Gris Grimly
Limited Collector's Edition Digipak - 2000 copies

DVD features:
1. Mistress of the Dark Music Video
2. Making of the Video Featurette
3. Storyboard to Video Comparison
4. Episode of the Har Har Show

CD tracks:
1. Mistress of the Dark
2. Return of the Living Dead (brand new 2009 version!)
3. My Halloween
4. Drink with the Living Dead
5. Mistress of the Dark (Reanimated Mix)
6. Mistress of the Dark (Dance of the Dead Mix)

links: lyrics

Life After Sundown


Life After Sundown
CD / Zoviet Records (2008)

Cruel Winds of Dusk | Dead Outlaw | Against a Crooked Sky | Werewolves on Wheels | I Spit on Your Grave | Thunder Over El Paso | Find a Good Horse | Drink With the Living Dead | London Dungeon | Train To Nowhere | Under the Phantom Moon | Life After Sundown

links: lyrics | press reviews

Skeleton Cowboys


iTunes only


Skeleton Cowboys
7-Inch Vinyl / Zoviet Records (2008)
Limited Edition Single, 400 hand-numbered copies

The single includes a "dropcard" which will allow you to also download the tracks digitally for iPods, etc. The download includes a bonus track!

Side A: Skeleton Cowboys
Side B: London Dungeon
digital bonus track: Hog Trail

links: lyrics

Bury Them Deep


Bury Them Deep
CD / Zoviet Records (2006)

Requiem at Sundown | Tekilla | Blood On My Hands | Mexican Moonshine | Bury Them Deep | Revoluci´┐Żn | Texas Bound | Walkin' Through the Desert (With a Crow)

links: lyrics | press reviews

Live From Texas


Live From Texas!
2-Disc Set / Angry Planet Records (2004)

Audio Disc: To the Gallows (Intro) | Fistful of Demons | Boots of Hell | Wait Until Dark | Man With No Name | Pale Skin Diva | Dia de Los Muertos | Gunfight at Red Sands * | Dirty Sanchez | Death of Jonah Hex | Killer in Texas | Carry the Coffin | The Worm | Return of the Living Dead | Legend of Everett Sykes * *

DVD Disc: 50-minute Live Concert, Promotional Videos: Fistful of Demons, Killer In Texas (Code Free - Region 0 / NTSC)

* Previously unreleased
** Bonus studio track

links: lyrics | press reviews

Give 'Em More Rope


iTunes only


Give 'Em More Rope
CD / Angry Planet Records (2002)

Intro | Fistful of Demons | Dia de Los Muertos | Return of the Living Dead | Wicked Man | Dirty Sanchez | Hang Me High | Smoke Break | Wait Until Dark | Man With No Name | Bloodshot | Draggin' Your Bones | Whipping Post | Bandito Sunrise | Carry the Coffin | To the Gallows

links: lyrics

Tales From the Dead West


iTunes only

Tales From the Dead West
CD / Angry Planet Records (2000)

La Noche Diablo | RotoRiculous | Killer in Texas (new) | Ghost Riders in the Sky | The Burning | The Worm | Midnight Train | Gunslinger | Death of Jonah Hex | Running From the Sun

links: lyrics

Boots of Hell



Boots of Hell
CD / Angry Planet Records (1999)

Boots of Hell | After 2 | Killer in Texas (original) | Pale Skin Diva | Southern Witch

links: lyrics


Tales From the Dead West


Tales From the Dead West
CD / Corazong Records (2002)

Canadian/European version. It features a foldout booklet with extra artwork and bonus tracks including the Boots of Hell 5-Song EP plus Ten Seconds To Blood.

links: lyrics


Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue Radio Presents…
Hymns from the House of Horror

download release / Rue Morgue Magazine (2010)

Return of the Living Dead

Cannibal Flesh Riot

Cannibal Flesh Riot
CD/DVD / Mad Creator Films (2007)

Ballad of Clarence Heckles

The first disc is a DVD with the 34 minute film. The second disc is a CD of music inspired by the film, including "Ballad of Clarence Heckles" by Ghoultown.

links: lyrics


This Is Horrorpunk Vol. 1
CD & 12" Vinyl / Fiendforce (2003)

Bury the Hatchet 

Also includes THE KILLCREEPS, featuring members of Ghoultown.

links: lyrics


Trinity Volume 1
CD / Starvox Records (2002)

Ten Seconds To Blood

links: lyrics

Gothabilly 3

Gothabilly: Razin' Hell
CD / Skully Records (2002)

Wicked Man 
Fistful of Demons 

(Alt Versions)

Gothabilly 2

Gothabilly: Rockin' Necropolis
CD / Skully Records (2000)

Pale Skin Diva 
Killer in Texas 

Also includes THE KILLCREEPS, featuring members of Ghoultown

Lone Star Hop

Big E's Lone Star Hop
CD / Remedial Records (2000)

Death of Jonah Hex (Alt version)


Diggy Diggy Die
12" Vinyl / Rubble Records (2001)

Death of Jonah Hex (Alt version)

Butcher Boys

Butcher Boys
Greeks Productions / Phase 4 Films (2012)

Features the Ghoultown song "Under the Phantom Moon"

Elvira Movie Macabre

Elvira's Movie Macabre
Entertainment One (2011)

Night of the Living Dead / I Eat Your Skin episode

Features the Ghoultown video "Mistress of the Dark" and the behind-the-scenes "making of" the video

Suburban Nightmare

Suburban Nightmare
Shock-O-Rama / Highland Myst Entertainment (2004)

Features the Ghoultown song "Killin's a Bitch (And This Bitch Is Killin' Me)"

Hallows End

Hallow's End
ThinkFilm / Horizon Motion Pictures (2003)

Features the Ghoultown song "Legend of Everett Sykes". Also, a brief cameo by several Ghoultown members


Freak / Headcheese
Shock-O-Rama / Trisomy Films (2003)

The short film HEADCHEESE (packaged with the movie FREAK) features the Ghoultown song "Killer in Texas". (HEADCHEESE was filmed in the same location as TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.)

American Nightmare

American Nightmare
Monarch Home Video / Highland Myst Entertainment (2002)

Features Ghoultown music and cameo appearance performing "Boots of Hell"

DVD includes Ghoultown's "Killer In Texas" video as a bonus



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