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THE UNFORGOTTEN brings you 21 rare tracks from across 13 years of Ghoultown history. Several of these were only included on compilations, a few on movie soundtracks, some on vinyl, and some are now out-of-print. Three new live recordings are also included, as well as two demos... one of these going back to 1998 when Lyle first began writing songs for the band on a 4-track recorder.

The album is only available by digital release. It will not be released on CD or vinyl,
so this will be the only way to get these Ghoultown songs!

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Track Listing:

1st Street Sessions
1. Bury the Hatchet
2. Killin's a Bitch (and This Bitch is Killin' Me)
3. Legend of Everett Sykes

Rare Cuts
4. Skeleton Cowboys
5. Ballad of Clarence Heckles
6. Hog Trail

Fatt Traxx Sessions
7. Boots of Hell
8. After 2
9. Killer In Texas

Crystal Clear Sessions
10. Pale Skin Diva
11. Southern Witch
12. Death of Jonah Hex (alt version)
13. Ten Seconds To Blood

Early Gothabilly
14. Wicked Man (alt version)
15. Fistful of Demons (alt version)
16. Gunslinger

17. Tekilla
18. Dirty Sanchez
19. Revenge of Dirty Sanchez

20. Between the West and the Setting Sun (2007 demo)
21. After 2 (1998 demo)


All music & lyrics by Count Lyle except...
2 music by Jake Middlefinger / 6 music by Count Lyle & Jake Middlefinger / 14 music by D. Evilwood
©2012 Angry Planet Records. Published by SpiderCrab Music, ASCAP
Re-Mastering & Production: Chris Telkes
Cover Art: Justin Erickson @ Phantom City Creative

1-3 : recorded at First Street Audio, Fort Worth, Texas. Produced by Bart Rose & Ghoultown
4-6 : recorded at Pro Rehearsal & Recording, Dallas, Texas. Produced by Chris Telkes & Ghoultown
7-9 : recorded at Fatt Traxx Studio, Carrollton, Texas. Produced by Mitch Anderton & Count Lyle
10-13 : recorded at Crystal Clear Studio, Dallas, Texas. Produced by Kent Stump & Count Lyle
14-15 : recorded at Hai-Tex Studios. Produced by Mike T & Count Lyle
16 : recorded at Nomad Studios, Dallas, Texas. Produced by Kol Marshall & Count Lyle
17-19 : recorded live at Trees in Dallas, Texas by Lee Russell. Produced by Chris Telkes
20-21 : recorded by Count Lyle. Produced by Chris Telkes.

Song Notes:

Bury the Hatchet
BURY THE HATCHET was recorded for the compilation "This is Horrorpunk Vol. 1" released in 2003 by Fiendforce Records (Germany).  It has never appeared on a Ghoultown release.

Killin's a Bitch (and This Bitch is Killin' Me)
KILLIN'S A BITCH was written for the movie Suburban Nightmare in 2004.  The movie was originally titled Blood and Roses, therefore the lyrics use this phrase.  The song plays over the ending credits, but was never released in any other audio format.

Legend of Everett Sykes
LEGEND OF EVERETT SYKES was written for the movie Hallow's End in 2004.  The lyrics were based on the character of Everett Sykes, which was a part of the plot's back-story.  The character was only referenced briefly in the script, but Lyle expanded Sykes' legend by creating his own story within the lyrics.  The song was released as a bonus track on Live From Texas! in 2004, so it is still available, but in the interest of including all of the "1st Street Studio Sessions" together, we chose to include it here.

Skeleton Cowboys and Hog Trail
SKELETON COWBOYS and HOG TRAIL were both recorded for the Skeleton Cowboys 7-inch vinyl released by Zoviet Records in 2008.  SKELETON COWBOYS appears on Side 1 of the record (with 'London Dungeon' on Side 2).  HOG TRAIL was only available as a bonus track via a special digital download card included with the vinyl.

The Ballad of Clarence Heckles
THE BALLAD OF CLARENCE HECKLES was recorded for the audio compilation that accompanied the DVD release of Cannibal Flesh Riot by director Gris Grimly.  Like 'Legend of Everett Sykes', Lyle chose to expand the back-story of one of the characters - Clarence Heckles - using the lyrics.  This song has never been available on a Ghoultown release.

Boots of Hell, After 2, Killer In Texas
These songs were originally released as a three-song demo in 1999.  Only a few hundred copies were pressed.  After those sold out, the songs were later combined with two songs from the Crystal Clear Sessions to become the Boots of Hell EP.  Although these songs were available on that release, it has been out-of-print for many years now.

Pale Skin Diva, Southern Witch, Death of Jonah Hex, Ten Seconds To Blood
These songs were recorded at Crystal Clear Studios in Dallas, Texas from 2000-2001.  Since the band had very little budget in those days, the sessions would usually amount to one or two songs at a time.  DEATH OF JONAH HEX was recorded first and released on two compilations: Lone Star Hop (CD) and Diggy Diggy Die (vinyl LP). The band later re-recorded DEATH OF JONAH HEX for Tales From the Dead West, but this is the original version which has some cool variations and a different production. 

PALE SKIN DIVA and SOUTHERN WITCH were recorded later and eventually combined with the three Fatt Traxx demos to create the Boots of Hell EP (now out-of-print). 

TEN SECONDS TO BLOOD was recorded for the compilation Trinity Volume 1 released in 2002 by Starvox Records.  It later appeared as a bonus track on the European version of Tales From the Dead West by Corazong Records.

Wicked Man and Fistful of Demons
These songs were recorded for the compilation Gothabilly: Razin' Hell released in 2002 by Skully Records.  WICKED MAN was a song originally written by guitarist D. Evilwood for Lyle's previous band, The Killcreeps, but was re-recorded by Ghoultown.  FISTFUL OF DEMONS was written for the purposes of this compilation, but has gone on to become one of Ghoultown's classic tunes.  Both songs were later re-recorded for Give 'Em More Rope, but these are the original versions.

GUNSLINGER was the first song Lyle wrote for the Ghoultown project, although it was not recorded until 2001 for Tales From the Dead West.  This is the same recording from that release, but since the song holds a special place in the black heart of Ghoultown, and Tales From the Dead West is now out of print, it seemed appropriate to include the track here.

Tekilla, Dirty Sanchez, and Revenge of Dirty Sanchez
These songs were recorded live at Trees in Dallas, Texas on July 16, 2011.  At this show the band debuted a new song, REVENGE OF DIRTY SANCHEZ, which is a sequel to the ever-popular Ghoultown song, DIRTY SANCHEZ.  DIRTY SANCHEZ has always been a crowd favorite at live shows, so it only seemed right to include both songs here, back-to-back!  Though Lyle began writing REVENGE OF DIRTY SANCHEZ many years ago, this was the first time the band performed the song live.  It has yet to be recorded in a studio.

Between the West and the Setting Sun (2007) and After 2 (1998)
When writing Ghoultown songs, Lyle typically works them out on acoustic guitar and then records a simple demo at home.  He then gives the demo to the other members before getting together as a band to work out the full arrangement.  Sometimes the songs end up sounding close to the demo, sometimes different. 

BETWEEN THE WEST AND THE SETTING SUN was written for a movie soundtrack, however, the movie never ended up going to film.  The script, written by American Nightmare director Jon Keeyes, involves a family of vampires who live in a remote Texas town.  This is obviously perfect inspiration for a Ghoultown song.  This is Lyle's demo version of the song with some added guitars by Jake. 

The AFTER 2 demo dates way back to 1998 before the Ghoultown line-up was formed.  At that time Lyle was experimenting with the concept, and wrote GUNSLINGER and AFTER 2 first.  This is the original 4-track version of AFTER 2 performed by Lyle on a Tascam cassette 4-track.  Listening to recent material, such as the heavier songs on Life After Sundown, it is apparent that Ghoultown's sound has progressed over the years.  But it still retains that melancholy spookiness that Lyle first began exploring all those years ago.

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