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Ghoultown Online Store > Bury Them Deep CD
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Bury Them Deep CD
Item #: CD-001
Availability: In Stock
Price: $11.00

Product Description

An updated version of the classic "Bury Them Deep" EP.  Includes all tracks from "Bury Them Deep" ep, plus the original "Boots of Hell" EP and the never-before-released song, "Stronger," which was recorded during the "Bury Them Deep" sessions.

  1. Requiem at Sundown
  2. Tekilla
  3. Blood On My Hands
  4. Mexican Moonshine
  5. Bury Them Deep
  6. Revolucion
  7. Texas Bound
  8. Walkin Through the Desert (With a Crow)
  9. Boots of Hell
  10. After 2
  11. Killer in Texas
  12. Pale Skin Diva
  13. Southern Witch
  14. Stronger


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