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The Unforgotten: Rare & Un-Released
digital CD / Angry Planet (2012)

THE UNFORGOTTEN brings you 21 rare tracks from across 13 years of Ghoultown history. Several of these were only included on compilations, a few on movie soundtracks, some on vinyl, and some are now out-of-print. Three new live recordings are also included, as well as two demos... one of these going back to 1998.

This album is only available by special digital release. It will not be released on CD or vinyl, so this is the only way to purchase these Ghoultown songs!





Ghoultown - Bury Them Deep *Extended Version
CD - Zoviet Records (2014)

A newly released version of the Ghoultown classic, Bury Them Deep. Includes five bonus tracks from the original Boots of Hell EP, plus the never-before-released song, STRONGER, which was recorded during the Bury Them Deep sessions in 2006.

Furious cowpunk seasoned with spaghetti western and driving rock. Produced by Chris Telkes (Nocturne) and mastered by Sara Lee Lucas (Marilyn Manson) with cover art by Dan Brereton.

Requiem at Sundown | Tekilla | Blood On My Hands | Mexican Moonshine | Bury Them Deep | Revolución | Texas Bound | Walkin' Through the Desert (With a Crow) | Boots of Hell | Killer In Texas | After 2 | Pale Skin Diva | Southern Witch | Stronger



Ghoultown - Life After Sundown
CD - Zoviet Records (2008)

LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN showcases the band's unique sound like never before! With top-notch production by Chris Telkes (BURY THEM DEEP), another amazing cover by Dan Brereton, guest players, and powerful songwriting, this is the ultimate Ghoultown release.

Cruel Winds of Dusk | Dead Outlaw | Against a Crooked Sky | Werewolves on Wheels | I Spit on Your Grave | Thunder Over El Paso | Find a Good Horse | Drink With the Living Dead | London Dungeon | Train To Nowhere | Under the Phantom Moon | Life After Sundown



Ghoultown - Live From Texas!
2 Disc Set - Angry Planet Records (2004)

It's Ghoultown in their true element... LIVE! Recorded live in Texas, the band pounds through 50 minutes of hellbilly-fused spaghetti western rock. Featuring live standards like "Killer in Texas," "The Worm" and "Carry the Coffin" -- along with a new instrumental "Gunfight At Red Sands" and bonus studio track, "Legend of Everett Sykes" -- Ghoultown spares no one as they come alive for one night!

Audio Disc: To the Gallows (Intro) | Fistful of Demons | Boots of Hell | Wait Until Dark | Man With No Name | Pale Skin Diva | Dia de Los Muertos | Gunfight at Red Sands * | Dirty Sanchez | Death of Jonah Hex | Killer in Texas | Carry the Coffin | The Worm | Return of the Living Dead | Legend of Everett Sykes * *

DVD Disc: 50-minute Live Concert, Promotional Videos: Fistful of Demons, Killer In Texas (Code Free - Region 0 / NTSC)

* Previously unreleased
** Bonus studio track




3-Pack Special

Get 3 Ghoultown CDs for a special internet-only price!

Set includes:

Life After Sundown (reg $12)

Bury Them Deep *Extended Version (reg $11)

Live From Texas! (reg $10)

This would be $33 if bought separately.

You get all 3 CDs for only $27, plus save more in shipping!



4-Pack Special

Get 3 Ghoultown CDs, plus a download card of THE UNFORGOTTEN, for a special internet-only price!

Set includes:

Life After Sundown (reg $12)

Bury Them Deep *Extended Version (reg $11)

Live From Texas! (reg $10)

The Unforgotten: Rare & Un-Released (reg. $11)

This would be $44 if bought separately.

You get the 3 CDs plus 21 extra download songs for only $34!



Ghoultown - Skeleton Cowboys 7"
Vinyl 45 - Zoviet Records (2008)
Limited Edition, 400 hand-numbered copies

Rare, limited edition vinyl from Ghoultown featuring the songs "Skeleton Cowboys" and "London Dungeon". The single includes a "dropcard" which will allow you to also download the tracks digitally for iPods, etc. The download includes a bonus track!

Side A: Skeleton Cowboys
Side B: London Dungeon
digital bonus track: Hog Trail





Skeleton Cowboy T-Shirt

Printed on a high-quality ANVIL brand t-shirt. The material is soft, pre-shrunk, 4.2 oz 100% combed ring-spun cotton jersey.

<< click the thumbnail to view a larger image.



Ghoultown "13 Years" Poster
24" x 36" printed on heavy canvas paper

Renown gig poster artist, Flynn Prejean, has created a very cool limited edition Ghoultown poster to celebrate the band's 13th year.

Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered.
24 inches x 36 inches (it's big!).

‹‹ Click image for a better view of this amazing poster!


Available only in
digital format at:


The Killcreeps - Destroy Earth
digital - Angry Planet Records (1997)

Formed in 1996 by Count Lyle, The Killcreeps were around just long enough to produce this searing slab of classic horror punk. Part punk, part metal, part sci-fi and horror, Destroy Earth delivers a heavy-handed blast of B-movie violence, madness and dark humor. Eventually spawning what is now Ghoultown, The Killcreeps debut disc quickly sold out and seemed to be lost forever.

But with the coming of the digital age, and requests by fans, it is available again in a special digital release. Featuring Count Lyle on vocals and guitar, don't miss out on this killer piece of Ghoultown history.



CD: $3.25 U.S. (USA), $8.00 (Canada), $12.00 International (Other)
Vinyl: $3.50 U.S. (USA), $8.00 (Canada), $12.00 International (Other)
T-Shirt: $4.00 U.S. (USA), $9.00 (Canada), and $14.00 International (Other)
Book: $3.50 U.S. (USA), $10.00 (Canada), and $15.50 International (Other)

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